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Student Satisfaction or Learning: What Matters Most for Educators?

Student Satisfaction

Online instructors know that one of the important factors for determining their performance, and possibly future course offerings, are the results of the end-of-course evaluations that are completed by students. The focus of those evaluations, whether intentionally stated or not, involves how satisfied the students were with the course, materials, instructor, and other similar criteria. Instructors also know that the response rate for these surveys is typically a small percentage of the class and more importantly, it is often an emotional reaction that usually dictates a majority of student responses.

Are You a Workaholic? You Can Be Successful and a Workaholic


Whether you love your job or simply tolerate it, it can take a significant amount of your time each week. While you may have fixed hours you also understand the reality of meeting job requirements and performance expectations, and it may mean working beyond a regular workday. Some people will gladly put in the extra time, especially if it means they will maintain job security or possibly get ahead.

Appreciative Inquiry for Online Learning: Take the Distance Out of Distance Learning

Appreciative Andragogy

There are various names used to describe learning through a technologically enabled means and includes online learning, e-learning, and distance learning. The phrase distance learning describes the challenge for educators; teaching students who cannot be seen or heard.

This was the challenge I decided to tackle with my doctoral studies and during the residency I found what I believe could be an answer – appreciative inquiry. Now you can learn about this exciting research and purchase your own copy of Dr. J's book.

Appreciative Inquiry and Education?

Is Success Overrated? Or Do You Need It For Your Career?

Is Success Overrated?

When someone states they have been successful there is usually something specific that they can point to, whether it is a new job, advancement with a current employer, a merit pay raise, special recognition, or something else that signifies an obvious achievement for their career. However, for some people they may believe that success rarely happens for them no matter how hard they work or how much effort they put into their job. Success is usually defined by events or occurrences and that is a reason why it becomes a source of frustration for many people, and why this also creates a negative disposition for them if they believe that their efforts never pay off.

Advanced Online Teaching Strategies: A Brand New Course from Dr. J

Online Learning

Dr. Bruce A. Johnson has designed a brand new course that is being offered through Oplerno: Advanced Online Teaching Strategies

Course Description:

This is a university quality that has been designed in the same manner as courses taken with online schools. This course is the study of online teaching practices for instructors who have experience with the facilitation of online classes. This course presents advanced teaching strategies that will enhance any online instructor's practice and help to create the development of conditions that promote learning in the classroom. One of the important aspects of this course is the application of the topics to practical classroom facilitation.

Be Prepared for Online Teaching: Essentials and Best Practices

Online Teaching

Online teaching can be exciting, rewarding, frustrating, demanding, and challenging all at the same time. The opportunities for new online teaching opportunities are becoming limited now because of the number of schools that offer online classes, and the process of landing a quality adjunct position has become very competitive.

What Does It Really Mean to Stay the Course in Your Career?

Stay the Course

Any time you think about your current job or career, and you question the decisions you've made that caused you to arrive at this particular point, it may be easy to let self-doubt and negativity take over your thoughts. If this pattern of thinking is allowed to continue for any length of time you will likely find that it can cause you to lose sight of the control you have over your career, regardless of the present circumstances that may seem to be beyond your immediate power to change for the better. A mindset like that can easily become a self-defeating attitude, which will lead to further frustration and stall your developmental plans.

Should You Give 110% on the Job or Your Best Effort?

110% Performance

Everyone goes through a natural cycle with their career. The start of a new job is a time when enthusiasm, energy, and professional fulfillment is at its peak. Over time the level of enthusiasm and the feeling of satisfaction may fluctuate as the reality of the job becomes clear, which can influence a person’s performance in a positive or negative manner depending upon the circumstances experienced. The most common factors that can have an impact on how a person performs on the job may include actual work conditions or perceptions about a manager, supervisor, or the company overall. It becomes challenging then not to allow performance to become conditional as employers expect peak performance from employees.

Online Teaching as a Career: Strategies for Self-Development

Online Teaching

The work of an online educator can be very demanding because of the nature of facilitating a learning process within a virtual environment when you cannot physically see or interact with your students. It can also be challenging for anyone who is working as an adjunct while balancing other career related responsibilities. For those educators who have already taught online for some time they will likely have developed working habits that either assist them with meeting the contractual faculty requirements or cause them to miss important classroom deadlines or instructional functions. The level of an instructor's involvement in an online class can ultimately determine how much time and effort their students put into the class, which will in turn influence their performance.

Here's How to Engage the Mind of Your Students & Learning Will Occur

Engage the Mind of Your Students

The ideal outcome for any class, whether it is a college course or corporate training program, is to have students demonstrate that they were able to meet the course objectives, which could include several factors such as the acquisition of new knowledge or the development of specific skills that are academic or job related. In other words, it is expected that students will have learned about a subject or learned how to do something as a result of their involvement in a class. Yet the reality for many classes is that some students will simply go through the motions without actually learning anything, even if they have written a paper, participated in the class discussions to some degree, or passed a required test.