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Online Teaching Can Be Transformed with Appreciative Andragogy

Appreciative Andragogy

The online classroom has not changed the basic principles of adult learning, only the format. What has not changed is the students' need for one-on-one interactions. Instructors can guide the development of online relationships by creating an environment that is conducive to and supportive of productive exchanges. This requires an investment of time on the part of the instructor as online interactions are not limited to one scheduled class meeting.

Do You Want to Change How Students Perform? Influence Their Beliefs

Do You Want to Change How Students Perform? Influence Their Beliefs

When an adult student begins a class, whether it is a traditional, online, or corporate training class, a factor that can have a direct impact on their level of involvement in that class is their beliefs. The beliefs that students hold about their academic abilities and capability to participate in the learning process will determine their level of effort, energy, and willingness to be involved. It influences their persistence when faced with challenges and is a determining factor for their grades and course outcomes.

Online Instructors Must Manage Time Well – Here's How

Time Management

Online instructors understand the need to manage their time effectively, especially those who are working in an adjunct capacity and balancing other responsibilities such as a full time job. Of course any instructor must be skilled in time management; however, the need is greater for online educators since they do not visibly see their classroom unless they check into it and it can be easy to assume the class is running well if there are no complaints. The other issue I've worked with as a faculty development specialist is the problem of waiting until a couple of days until feedback is due to begin reviewing student papers.

Strategies to Transform from a Trainer to a Workforce Educator

Corporate Training

Corporate training has tremendous potential to promote learning in organizations. There are two primary elements that are responsible for how much potential is realized within the corporate training classroom, and those elements are the materials provided and the method of delivery. An instructional designer, or someone in a similar role, can develop engaging materials but if the delivery is not well executed, the training will not be as effective as it could. In contrast, if the training materials have not been designed in the most engaging manner, or the material is technical in nature, it is the trainer who can still create positive classroom conditions that are conducive to learning.

How an Instructor Becomes Visible in a Virtual Classroom

Online Learning

There are two important questions that every instructor needs to ask as they prepare to interact with students in a virtual class. First, do you believe that you are maintaining an active presence in your online class? More importantly, how do you maintain social interactions without physically meeting your students?

How Instructors Prompt Critical Thinking During Class Discussions

Instructors and Critical Thinking

As an instructor, whether in a higher education class or corporate training class, you need tools and strategies that allow you to connect with students, especially during class discussions that are crucial to the learning process. When an instructor asks students some form of follow-up question it is helpful as it demonstrates they are engaged in the conversation and are prepared to discuss it.

Prepare for Work as an Online Graduate Student

Prepare for the Work of an Online Graduate Student

There are many reasons why someone would choose to pursue an online graduate degree but for many the primary reason is often related to their career. There may be a goal of career advancement, making a career change, or acquiring subject matter knowledge and expertise. Regardless of the reason, an online graduate student will find that an advanced degree requires a different set of skills and expectations. Starting a graduate degree program may be challenging at first, especially if it has been some time since your undergraduate degree was completed; however, knowing the basics will help make the transition easier and the work more meaningful.

General Expectations

Your Next Job Depends Upon a Well-Written Resume

Resume Writer

The next time you are reviewing your resume, consider the importance of what that resume means for your career. When your resume is sent out it represents you and creates a first impression that can either be positive or negative. Throughout my work as a resume writer I've reviewed resumes that contained spelling, grammar, sentence structuring, and formatting errors; along with an inconsistent overall style. Why does the look of your resume matter? When you go on an interview it is likely you will pay attention to the details, which includes how you dress and how you speak. Your resume also needs that level of attention and fine-tuning.

Why You Should Hire a Resume Writer

Why Emotional Intelligence is Needed for Educators and Students

Emotional Intelligence

Technology has changed the way we communicate, including the format and perception of what it means to interact with others. For those who rely upon the use of technological tools they often develop an abbreviated form of writing and how they communicate may be done without a filter. Many people feel free to share personal details online and post comments without regard to the tone or content. This form of communication is becoming more evident in the classroom, whether in an academic or corporate training class.

What to Do When You're Stuck in a Career Rut

Stuck in a Career Rut

A job can serve a variety of purposes and for many people they accept a job offer because they are in need of the income, without necessarily thinking about their future. Others have a specific career plan and a new job may be a step towards meeting their goals. Over time a job can become a stable career, one that provides new opportunities. Stability in a career is important but what happens when that job you value becomes stagnant and it no longer feels fresh or no longer brings out the best in your job performance? Is a change of attitude the only possible answer?