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New Edition!! Career Development Weekly 7.20.14

Change Jobs

Every job has a lifecycle. There is an exciting or interesting starting point and then a natural progression that occurs over time. After a period of growth there will be a point when the job will peak. At this maturity point there may be a change made that allows the cycle to restart, or the job enters the decline and the employee loses interest, becomes complacent, works to just get by, and/or begins the search for a new job. Regardless of the final outcome, most every job goes through this cycle. It can occur over a short period of time if the employee was overqualified or they learned the job duties quickly and now find the work to be too easy or mundane.

Creating a Work Life Balance for Online Instructors

Work Life Balance

A majority of online instructors work as adjuncts and that means they are balancing numerous responsibilities. They know that managing their time is extremely important and that their weekdays may be spent just managing the basics. There are other priorities that include involvement in weekly discussions, answering questions, and completing required feedback. While instructors are required to post their participation messages on a fixed number of days, the level of students' engagement in those discussion depends upon their active involvement. That may mean that the task of reviewing papers may have to wait until the weekend.

New Edition!! Career Development Weekly 7.13.14

Have Dream

Being an adult means that you have a specific role to fulfill and it is usually associated with finding a job. Unless you are employed in a job that matches the ideal career you hope to attain, you are likely willing to file away and possibly forget about the dreams you once had – because it is an expectation of society that an adult is supposed to be responsible. While you may start out with a specific plan based upon your interests or academic achievements, you may have settled for something else because of need or out of necessity.

How Online Students Can Develop Social Intelligence

Social Intelligence

With online learning the focus is often placed on what technological tools can be utilized, along with the qualities or characteristics that students need in order to be successful in this environment. The use of technology helps to create a setting necessary for learning to occur but it is the human element that brings the classroom environment to life and sustains it. For online classes, students have to learn to focus on their methods of written communication; however, there is another skill they must learn in order to improve their interactions and working relationships.

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New Edition!! Career Development Weekly 7.06.14

What is Holding Back Your Carer

It is possible that at some point in your career you are going to feel blocked, stalled, or going nowhere. When that occurs you can use it as a time to reflect and redirect your focus, or you can become frustrated and do nothing to change the conditions. Any time you believe you are not getting the results you hoped for, whether or not you have tried to change your approach, you can use it as a warning sign. This is a wake-up call that indicates some aspect of your career plan needs to be adapted or altered in some way. It could be an internalized belief or expectation that needs adjustment, or it may mean your career plans are due for a reevaluation. When you experience a feeling of being held back, it is time to create a strategy for your professional self-improvement.

New Edition!! Career Development Weekly 6.29.14

Workplace Conflict

Everyone wants to be happy in their job and enjoy going to work. But then someone may get under your skin and bring out the worst in you. That situation, along with any personal conflict, can be managed. But it will take the effort of both parties and should it not occur the entire team may be adversely affected. Being a responsible employee does not mean you must like everyone; however, you should do your part to get along – even if you have to grit your teeth. The workplace personality you develop and maintain will be reflected in your performance and determine how well you are able to function in a team. If you find that your personality collides with another there are strategies you can use to address it.

A Productive Work Environment