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7 Strategies That Will Help You Become Resilient & Successful in Your Career

Become Resilient

If you have ever heard someone say, or you've said it yourself, "hang in there, it will be okay" as a means of offering advice when someone else experienced disappointments as a result of conditions on the job or decisions made in his or her career – that is a very vague way of offering assurance that somehow the situation or circumstances will become better. What happens instead is that the person who is experiencing the negative event will likely begin to worry, experience fear, develop self-doubts, or continue to reflect upon what happened and try to answer questions that may have no immediate or satisfactory answer. What can change even the worst of circumstances is to rely upon a sense of internalized resilience, as a means of addressing the internal reaction rather than external circumstances.

Classroom vs. Online Teaching: Are Different Teaching Methods Needed?

Classroom vs Online Teaching

Many educators who begin to teach online believe they can make the transition easily from teaching in a traditional college classroom to an online classroom. What they don't realize, if they don't seek out resources to help them learn how to teach in a virtual environment, is that they are putting themselves and their class at a disadvantage. The reason why is due to the significant difference between classroom teaching and online teaching. It isn't because the principles of adult learning have changed, or the needs of adult students have changed, rather it is due to the change in the format of learning.

Have You Tried Self-Reflection? What You Can Learn May Surprise You


For many people self-reflection sounds like something you do when you have the luxury of time. Within a technologically driven society, where a person's attention is constantly being distracted – especially through interactions on social networking websites, people have become accustomed to not spending enough time reflecting upon their personal growth or professional development.

Learn How You Can Take the Distance Out of Distance Learning

Take the Distance Out of Distance Learning

Are you teaching online classes and interested in an instructional strategy that could help to strengthen relationships with students and influence their level of performance, motivation, and engagement?

Dr. J has developed an innovative approach to online teaching with a new instructional strategy that is based upon an organizational developmental tool, which was translated for use by online instructors.

This approach to online teaching is called Appreciative Andragogy, which is based upon Appreciative Inquiry and the principle of Andragogy or teaching adult students.

Is Your Resume Selling Yourself or Your Career Short Now?


A resume is not just a piece of paper that is meant to list the jobs you've held or the education you've acquired. It is your introduction to a prospective employer and represents the essence of your career, capabilities, and skill sets. When you are interested in a job you have one opportunity to gain the attention of a prospective employer and it is done when you submit your resume. Within a matter of minutes (or more likely seconds) someone will visually scan the resume and make a determination of your potential candidacy for an open position.

You Can't Force Students to Learn – But Here's How to Help Them Try


Learning is not an automatic process and does not occur just because of the classroom conditions that have been established. When students begin a class, whether online or in a traditional class, they are there because it is a mandatory degree requirement or they have a specific need that requires them to acquire specialized knowledge and/or skills for their career. Adult learners are often referred as self-directed because of their need to be involved in the learning process; however, just because they are present in class or log onto the classroom it doesn't mean they are going to be willing participants in the process or will be actively engaged in the class.

Here's How You Can Face Fear in Your Career with Determination and Courage


What is one of the most potentially debilitating conditions that you can experience, especially as related to your current job or career? It is likely a time when you examine your life as a result of your job or the point you are at in your career, or you are facing an important decision and you experience a condition known as fear.

This is a word that carries a negative connotation and represents an uncomfortable feeling and a perspective of helplessness or hopelessness. The word fear itself can bring unpleasant memories to light and become a reminder of what is believed to be something that canned be accomplished. It may arise when there is a realization that a milestone has not yet been reached or a goal not achieved, and occur during a time of questioning, doubt, and second-guessing.

Online Teaching as a Career Part 6: How to Achieve Excellence in Online Teaching

Online Teaching Part Six

Instructors who teach online classes know what it is like to work in a virtual environment, along with the challenges that are possible while teaching in this type of classroom.

From a lack of interactions that are normally found in a traditional classroom, which connects students to their class and creates a sense of community, to developing relationships with students you cannot see, online teaching requires relational-based instructional strategies, communicating through the use of written rather than spoken words, and an active presence that encourages students to be engaged and highly motivated.

Online Teaching as a Career Part 5: How to Create Conditions for Learning in a Virtual Class

Online Teaching Part 5

Learning can be fun, engaging, and interesting, or it can seem dull, mechanical, and boring. This is true regardless of the format of the class, whether it occurs in a traditional or online classroom. It may also seem that learning online should be (or could be) just as effective as traditional classroom learning.

Online Teaching as a Career – Part 4: Online Teaching Best Practices

Online Teaching Part Four

Educators have discovered that online teaching can be exciting, rewarding, frustrating, demanding, and challenging all at the same time. The opportunities for new online instructional positions are becoming fewer now because of the number of instructors who are interested in teaching and the process of acquiring an adjunct position has become very competitive.