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Dr. Bruce A. Johnson has developed expertise as a businessman and educator through his work as a business manager, small business owner, career coach, and college professor. Dr. J's work as an educator has included roles as a faculty trainer, faculty peer reviewer, and faculty mentor. Dr. J specializes in teaching undergraduate and graduate business and education courses.

Below is a presentation that provides an overview of the education, experience, and background Dr. J offers:

Online Teaching as a Career: A New 3 Day Workshop

Brand New

Are you interested in becoming an online instructor?

Are you just beginning your career as an online instructor?

If so, there is a brand new resource that has been developed by The Institute of Excellence in Online Teaching for your professional development: a three day new online instructor orientation workshop. This was created by Dr. Bruce A. Johnson and Professor Linda Dick, who both have extensive experience with online teaching, course development and curriculum design, along with faculty development experience.

There are many resources available for online instructors but there is one place where you can find workshops and classes that will provide what you need for your professional development: The Institute of Excellence in Online Teaching.

Student-Centered Instructional Strategies Every Online Instructor Needs

There is little question that the field of distance learning is a viable option for students and there will be continued growth as a result of the number of traditional and non-traditional universities that offer online classes. However, questions concerning the quality of online courses will persist and what it means for the field is that there is a growing demand for someone who is more than a competent online instructor.

Five Strategies Every Successful Online Instructor Needs

Strategies Online Instructors Need

There are a lot of people who want to make online teaching a career option either part-time or full-time if they can find the work. This has made it a competitive field and for those who are already teaching online they want to make certain there are plenty of opportunities made available to them. Once you are offered a course to teach you have to make a decision that you are going to be more than an average instructor if you are going to continue to receive future class offerings. You must also decide that you will devote the time necessary to create conditions that are conducive to the development and well-being of your students. It is not an easy task to manage an online class and excel as an educator but there are strategies you can implement to meet these demands and allow you to be successful.