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Five Strategies Every Successful Online Instructor Needs

Strategies Online Instructors Need

There are a lot of people who want to make online teaching a career option either part-time or full-time if they can find the work. This has made it a competitive field and for those who are already teaching online they want to make certain there are plenty of opportunities made available to them. Once you are offered a course to teach you have to make a decision that you are going to be more than an average instructor if you are going to continue to receive future class offerings. You must also decide that you will devote the time necessary to create conditions that are conducive to the development and well-being of your students. It is not an easy task to manage an online class and excel as an educator but there are strategies you can implement to meet these demands and allow you to be successful.

Collaborative Skills Achieve Positive Participation Results

Achieve with collaboration

One of the ways to achieve success in an online class is to actively pursue collaboration skills. One of the easiest skills to collaborate with online is using the art of conversation inside the discussion threads or discussion boards.  With a little bit of attention to details you can turn your already strong conversational skills into point-earning posting skills. 

Reflect to Motivate – A Path to Success

To Succeed we must believe

Reflect to Motivate – A Path to Success

Are you an adult learner returning to college?  If so did you know that your learning skills are more advanced over the average high school student entering college?  One of the most powerful tools you already posses is life experience.  Using life experience to help you work your way through your academic journey can be helpful when you use self-reflection as a tool.  Self-reflection can help you to develop self-motivation and this is a proven valuable asset to cultivate.  When you self-motivate you will see an increased academic skill level.  As an adult learner, you may be more interested in self-directing your own educational experiences and this will work to your advantage.

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Warning Signs

Everyone begins a career with the hope of finding job stability and over time, make that job or series of jobs into a career. Sometimes people know the details of their career as it progresses, while others try to figure it out as they go along. Whether or not a specific plan has been developed, it is possible for a lull to occur where it seems progress is no longer being made. The challenge for a lull period is how a person handles it or addresses the emotions that likely will accompany it. A brief period of feeling stagnant that you overcome by establishing new goals may only feel like a bump in the road. But if a feeling of frustration about your job or career has developed, and it has been sustained long enough that you are consciously aware of it, this may be a time when you have become stuck in a career rut.

Online Teaching as a Career: Advice from a Modern Educator

Online Teaching as a Career

There is a gold rush going on now in the field of online learning and it is the pursuit of teaching online. There are new master's degree programs that are focused on teaching with technology, along with degree programs related to instructional design. There are authors that tout the seemingly endless opportunities available for teaching online courses, and one set of authors that want you to believe you can earn a six figure income as an adjunct online instructor.