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Fighting the Odds and Facing Career Challenges

Fighting the Odds

It is likely that any career can become challenging, whether those challenges are related to external factors that cannot be controlled or internalized feelings and reactions that have occurred because of circumstances on the job. It is also possible that a job can begin to feel so out of control that you are continually trying to just survive each day you go to work. If these challenges continue and are not dealt with it can put you in a fight or flight mode, which is very unproductive for your career as your general disposition and possibly your performance on the job will be negatively impacted.

How Online Students Learn to Develop and Sustain Motivation

Student Motivation

For many students the start of a new online class is a time of excitement and one that produces positive feelings because of beginning something new. This time can also generate strong emotions that can vary depending upon whether or not a student feels ready, fully capable, and highly motivated to begin. If it is the first class in a new degree program this is also a time when goals are expressed and reasons for starting the program are predominantly held in their thoughts.

Sending Out a Career SOS: Preparing for Transition

Career SOS

It is likely that at some point in your career you will face a transition that you have either prepared for ahead of time or it happened unexpectedly. If you have developed a plan for your career it will be easier to adapt to changes or make adjustments as needed. In contrast, any time you have to react to a situation or circumstances that seem to have taken you by surprise it can be more challenging to address. A career transition should be something you have decided to initiate but regardless of the condition or current status of your career, you always have an ability to be in control.

Skills and Strategies Online Students Need: Written By a College Professor

Online Students

An online student is often put into online classes without being given all of the support tools and strategies needed to succeed. Over time most students will develop productive habits and an effective working routine, often through trial and error. There are some basics that every student can use at the start of their degree program, or as a refresher throughout their program, to be successful and also make online learning more enjoyable.

Dr. J is an online college professor and has written a valuable new book for online students. There are strategies and skill sets that are essential to your academic work as an online student. Dr. J has worked with undergraduate and graduate students, along with students who have taken their very first course. This is a collection of the basics you need to succeed as an online student.

Critical Thinking for Higher Education – A New Manuscript in Development by Dr. J

Critical Thinking Manuscript

The phrase "critical thinking" has become widely used in the field of education and it not only sounds like an important skill, it is a skill that students are told they must learn. The challenge is that this phrase can have multiple descriptions when educators are asked to define it and yet there isn't a unified agreement as to when it should be taught, how it should be taught, or how long it takes for students to learn it.

How to Engage Online Students in the Process of Learning

Engage Online Students

At the start of a new online class educators typically find that most students are involved in the class with a mix of feeling excitement and uncertainty. From the students' perspective, staying involved in the class requires effort and they cannot stay highly engaged without their instructor's support. While many students are driven and have an ability to sustain their involvement, there are often others who lack self-motivation and begin to disengage. As many educators realize, by the time a student disengages from class it is often too late to get them back on track.

How to Develop Self-Confidence to Perform Your Very Best on the Job


Everyone wants to do well in their job and feel a sense of personal achievement through the work they perform. Consider the time that was likely spent finding your current job and while there may be a variety of reasons why you accepted it, that job represented a new beginning in your career. Most people start off a new job feeling excited or at least ready to do the work and learn the required duties. It is a time when you feel enthusiastic because you are relying on your experience and skill sets while expanding your capacity to learn.

Student-Centered Instructional Strategies Every Online Instructor Needs

There is little question that the field of distance learning is a viable option for students and there will be continued growth as a result of the number of traditional and non-traditional universities that offer online classes. However, questions concerning the quality of online courses will persist and what it means for the field is that there is a growing demand for someone who is more than a competent online instructor.

Important Online Teaching Advice from a Faculty Peer Reviewer

Room for Improvement

The work of an online instructor, or what I refer to as a Modern Educator, can be very demanding because of the nature of facilitating a learning process within a virtual environment. It is also a challenge for someone who is working as an adjunct and has other career related responsibilities. For someone who has been doing this awhile they will likely have developed working habits that assist them in meeting their requirement. Some of these habits may be effective while others need further development.