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Do You Ever Feel Challenged by a Student? Here's What to Do

Challenging Students

Do you believe that challenging students are a problem to solve, an indicator of something else, or an opportunity?

As instructors know all too well, not every class is going to function perfectly with every student performing at their very best. Some students will excel, some will respond to outreach attempts when needed, and others will struggle with development of academic skills and completing their assignments.

Why Do Students Fail Online Classes? How Can It Be Prevented?

Online Students

Failing a class never feels good for a student. In a traditional classroom students have an opportunity to discuss their progress and obtain immediate feedback from their instructor. While they may or may not choose to try to work with their instructor, they know that on the scheduled class days an instructor is present and available. If a student isn't present in class an instructor will notice that absence immediately.

Good Boss, Bad Boss: Here Are 5 Strategies to Cope With an Unpredictable Manager

Coping Strategies

Jekyll, reflecting on mankind, "All human beings... are commingled out of good and evil."

You may be familiar with the Robert Louis Stevenson story of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. Dr. Jekyll believed that he found a method of separating the good and evil that he believed resides in all of us. The consequences of his experimentations did not bode well for him or the safety of others.

The story of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde has been used as an analogy for the balance many people try to maintain, between being a good person and doing "the right thing" at work, and acting in accordance with other self-interests. We have all likely worked with individuals who may not have always acted in the best interest of their employer and/or their customers, which can create an ethical and possibly moral conflict.

Fear is Real. Fear is Natural. Fear Can Be Managed. Learn How Now

Overcome Fear

The only thing we have to fear is fear itself.  – Franklin D. Roosevelt

There is one particular feeling that carries with it more potentially negative power than any other and it is fear. The very word fear itself can bring unpleasant memories to light and remind us of what we believe we cannot accomplish. It carries a negative connotation and represents an uncomfortable feeling and a perspective of helplessness or hopelessness. It may be felt when a milestone has not yet been reached or a goal was not achieved, and result in a time of questioning, doubt, and second-guessing.

3 Vital Strategies to Help Students Who Do Not Like Change

Students and Change

Students usually don't like change, especially when it involves changing their habits or daily routine. They rely upon those habits and patterns of working to meet the requirements of each class and the idea of having to change can create a mental roadblock or barrier to their progress. Students may also not recognize a need to make changes in how they work or perform until it has been brought to their attention by the instructor, through feedback or direct interactions in class, and they may or may not be willing to accept it.

Transform Online Learning: How to Take the Distance Out of Distance Learning

Appreciative Andragogy

Are you teaching online classes and interested in an instructional strategy that could help to strengthen your relationships with students, while also influencing their level of performance, motivation, and engagement?

Dr. J developed an innovative approach to online teaching with an instructional strategy called Appreciative Andragogy. This takes Appreciative Inquiry, an organizational developmental strategy, and combines it with the principle of teaching adults called Andragogy.

Now you can learn about this innovative instructional strategy in Dr. J's book, Appreciative Andragogy: Taking the Distance Out of Distance Learning.

Appreciative Inquiry and Education?

Stuck in a Career Rut? Here are Five Warning Signs & Five Solutions

Career Rut

Are you feeling unhappy about your job or your career? Does it feel as if you are going nowhere in your job no matter how hard you work or the amount of time you devote to performing your very best? Or have you just given up and resigned yourself to the present circumstances?

When a Good Job Goes Bad: Take Flight, Fight, or Do Nothing?

When a Good Job Goes Bad

Every job starts out from a positive perspective, whether that job represents hope, renewal, self-actualization, desperately needed income, or even a second chance. That initial momentum eventually shifts as a person settles into their job and becomes familiar with the requirements and expectations of the job, along with the working conditions, ethical standards, norms, and overall culture of the organization. Throughout the process of becoming acclimated to a new job and working environment there will likely be unexpected situations and circumstances that come up, and that is when the reality of the job begins to settle in.

Don't Let Your Resume Look Like a DIY Project: Your Career Depends Upon It

Resume Writing

Are you looking for a job, considering a career change, or in need of a new job now? What you want to hear from a prospective employer is: You're Hired. However, if you want to progress from an ongoing job search to acquiring a new job you have to be able to demonstrate that you have the skills, qualifications, and experience necessary to perform and excel at the required tasks. What can help or hinder your ability to secure new job prospects? The answer is your resume.

When Does a Job Become a Career?

When Does a Job Become a Career

For those who are employed now, along with those who are searching for a job, employment at its basis represents a need. For many people that need is related to a source of income and for those who are unemployed it becomes a necessity that reduces the amount of perceived selectiveness when weighing possible options. In other words, the first job (or any job) that comes along may be accepted whether or not it is the best possible choice. If it wasn't the best option, the process of searching for a better job begins or continues. That is often the reason why many of the resumes I've seen as a resume writer include a list of jobs that are short-term in nature.